The impact of characters

Have you ever been to a party, and saw someone talking which such charisma, that everybody listened to every word this person had to say?
Or were you watching TV and saw a awesome character, who everybody adores?
And were you thinking, How can i be like that person?

The biggest trend of the last years are the TV-series. Everybody watches TV-series. Game of Thrones, Vikings, Suits, Prison Break…
I can go on forever summing up the series i have watched. But i wanted to look at the impact of these character on my life.

All the hours watching series had a great impact on my life. The biggest thing i do is idolizing characters in the TV-series. For example: Ragnar Lothbrok in the serie Vikings is a bad motherfucker. This handsom man looks tough, acts tough and is emotional as fuck. These three things combined makes this man charismatic as fuck.

A big lesson i learned from a life-goeroe: “If you want be your own character, act like the characters you know from television, TV-series , music, sports etc.. Take the good characteristics of these characters and implement this features in your own life. This is all about trial and error.”

So if you are watching as much as TV-series as i do, Look at the characters that speak most to you. Observe what they do and implement their behavior in your own life.

For me, i took the following characteristics from al sorts of character:

  • Be humble in victory and defeat
  • Be fearless and make your own plan, Do not follow people you don’t believe in
  • Be cocky in prediction
  • Appreciate the little things
  • Enjoy life as much as you can, don’t take good periods for granted

And there are many more..

Let me know, who inspires you?


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