What To Do With Life

What To Do With Life?

This is a frequently asked question by all sorts of people. I have some good and bad news..
Bad news first: You’re not going to find your answer in this short note.
Good news: Im going to tell my findings in life about its purpose.

This Blog is essentially the story of my search to purpose. I hope i can inspire some of you out there to find your purpose. I’m going to try out all sorts of things that make people happy. Will things be Fun? or do they just look fun and really suck.

So if you are out there and thinking, What The Fuck am i going to do with my life?, you are not the only one. Meanwhile looking for purpose, go and kick some ass out there.
Get a laughter and enjoy fucking things up. Trial & error and move on.

Good luck to me and all of you fuckers in the world.

ps: Got any tips. send it so WTDWL@outlook.com


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