School and?

Believe me if i say: School is fucking fun. Attending to classes and make fun with your friends. Share weekend story’s and planning new adventures.

Some people hate school because they had a bad experience. Some people tolerate school because they see it as a thing they have to do to be accomplished in life. I see school as the most fun time in my life.

When you’re privileged like me to attend to school on your parents money, everyday is a party. Chatting with friends, learning new boring stuff and checking out hot girls. And best to last, the shitloads of leisure time throughout the week. Time you can spend on chasing girls, get fit, play a instrument and weed & liquor. All of the joy without any consequences as long as you performing well on the exams.

So believe me when i say, this is a great time on your life and enjoy it. Do stupid things and make yourself and your friends happy. This is the time to live your life like a egoistic fuck.
Go out and make dump decisions and do fun stuff. Get some jobs in your spare time and make easy money doing nothing.

The is the time that companies will hire you although you have zero experience. Try some things and if you don’t like it, get the fuck out.

Try to enjoy every bit of it. Before you know it, you’re not a young student anymore.

Dit is een extra placeholderbericht. Klik op Bewerken om het aan te passen of te verwijderen, of maak een nieuw bericht aan. Als je wilt, kun je dit bericht gebruiken om lezers te vertellen waarom je deze blog bent begonnen en wat je ermee wilt doen.


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