Playing the guitar

When i was younger a started playing guitar. I was always jealous of people that could make music. I wanted that.

The first time i considered playing the guitar was after seeing the DVD: RHCP Live at slane castle. John Frusciante’s guitar game was amazing to me. Almost every note struck me in a way i have never experienced before.

I did  not want te become a rockstar, i wanted to become a fucking imitator of him. Playing the songs he played to amaze other people. And maybe making other people jealous of my skills. So i picked up the guitar that my dad bought for me several years ago.

At this day a regularly pick up the guitar for some fun times. I still enjoy playing all sorts of songs in front of al sorts of eyes, mostly my dogs. I can conclude i never amazed anybody with my playing, but i do not care anymore. The fun of hearing a new song and learning is right away is so great.

I recommend  everybody to look at your playlist and find out which instrument is most suiting for your style. Buy the instrument and look on YouTube for lessons.

Just fucking do it.


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